Mini Monsters Day Nursery and  Pre School 


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Baby Monsters

We offer places to 6 'baby monsters' that are cared for by qualified, caring nursery nurses. All babies have their own cot and bedding and parents are encouraged to bring a soft toy (or other relevant comforter) from home that they feel is appropriate. This room has it's own kitchenette area for the preparation of bottles (although puree food is prepared by our cook in the main kitchen). There is a fridge for storage of feeds, baby foods and any medication. We use a steam sterilizer, bottle warmers and a microwave.

The babies have access to a range of toys, sensory equipment and soft play giving them lots of exploring, learning and socialising opportunities. We work closely with parents to discuss feeding, sleeping and play to establish individual needs.

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Tiny Monsters

We are able to offer 9 places to 16 - 28 months olds. These 'monsters' are mobile and very intent on exploring the world! This room is divided up in to a quiet area, activity area, changing area. We incorporate lots of imaginary play within this group along with activities that help the development of their newly learnt skills. They love art time and messy play where they are able to explore a range of experiences and materials such as sand, water play, painting and gluing. There are lots of toys and a large range of play equipment to assist their development. The children in this room still follow routines for eating and sleeping; they have sleep mats and their own blankets.

We have a selection of pushchairs that we use to go out for walks around the local community, to experience their surroundings and have fun at the near by park.

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Mini Monsters

We offer 12 places. The 'mini monsters' are introduced to educational based play activities. There is a wide range of activities continuously throughout the day in this group. We promote independence skills such as dressing themselves, making choices, toilet training where appropriate etc. This room is divided into a book/quiet corner; imaginary play area, and activity area. They will have times where they will listen to stories, sing, play games and share their thoughts. They also enjoy trips the park and playing field where they can take toys such as bats, balls and hoops. 

Grant funded places are available in this room for 2 year olds.

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Pre School

We have 24 pre school places. We have intentionally kept this group small to ensure a high level of attention from our staff.  The room is divided into well-defined ┬ôlearning areas┬ö, each equipped with resources eg. Creative/messy, music/discovery, technology, imaginative, construction, mathematical, writing/drawing and a quiet book area. Because children do not make a definition between learning and play neither do we; experienced and enthusiastic staff identify the opportunities for teaching and learning and weave all aspects of the six areas of learning of the Early Years Framework into both structured sessions and everyday activities. The children will also have daily circle-times where they will listen to stories, join in with singing and rhymes, and build on their listening and communication skills. They go out for walks to buy stamps and post letters or buy bread from the bakers; or they may explore the playing field on nature trails, hunts for insects or play games.

Grant funded places are available in this room for 3 and 4 year olds.



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